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The Night Club King

Captain Gordon Halsey London’s Night Club King 1920′s – 1930′s

The Night Club King - Phoenix Productions

Captain Gordon Halsey
‘London’s Nightclub King’ 1920′s – 1930′s

A story that lends itself to a novel/screenplay and is written with this in mind. A novel based on Pre-war ‘Cafe Society’ largely based on fact, some aspects are true.The scenario revolves around a particular period during the life of a unique personality who was at his zenith during the 1930′s. At which time he was the toast of London’s Cafe Society.

The owner of a number of fashionable and exclusive venues which were the then stamping grounds of reigning monarchs, the aristocracy, the leisured classes, the stars of stage and screen together with very well known international entrepreneurs of the period. The story is based upon the extra-ordinary exploits of one of the most glamourous figures of the age. Known as the best dressed ‘Man about town’ in London in evening clothes and reputed to have been amongst the six most handsome men in England at that time. He was a well known international entrepreneur, who had interests in England, on the French Riviera, in North America and in the Bahamas. His father Warner Halsey was a friend of King Edward VII.