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The Addendum

‘2600 Years of History The Channel to the Mediterranean’

Honfleur – Mediterranean – Monaco

A Journey through History
Portraying many of the greatest events in that have shaped the world today
Commencing 600 BC – 6 BC
When the Phocaean Greeks traded for bronze in the Western Peninsula of Britain
Hannibal Crosses the Alpes Marius Destroys the barbarians near Aix
Augustus subjugates 46 Tribes in the Alps Julius Caeser Conquers Gaul & Occupies Britain

800 – 911 AD
The Vikings from Scandinavia invaded Northen France and laid waste the Seine Valley
Persecuted the Christians on the Contenin Peninsula
Devastated the ancient town of Bayeux. Harried those on the Brest Penninsula
Laid seige to Paris
Rollo became the Ist Duke of Normandy through the Treaty of St. Clair-sur-Epte

1337 – 1453 AD
The Hundred Years War between England & France
Ending with the Burning at the Stake of Joan of Arc at Rouen
The Middle Ages
The Great Dukes of Burgundy in Medieval times, then richest and most cultured Princes in Christendom
Who heralded the birth of the glorious Age of the Renaissance

16th & 17th Century
Francios Ist the Renaissance king Louis XIV ‘Le Roi du Soleil’ Creator of the Palace of Versailles
The greatest palace and gardens the world has ever seen
The garden works alone gave employment for some 60,000 men at one time, the costs of which
so crippled Louis XIV he had to melt down and mint the solid silver ‘State furniture’ and furnishings!
Honfleur a great Port of Departure for Canada & the French New World colonies

18th Century
The War of the Austrian Succession when 40,000 men returning to Spain were caught in a blizzard
in the Queyras on the Col St. Veran and forced to abandon their treasure chests and cannon in the snow

19th & 20th & 21st Centuries
The Emperor Napoleon Route Napoleon The Rothschilds’ influence on European history in France & Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco     ’1000 years of history of The Rock’
Monte Carlo
Histoire ‘Societe de Bains de Mer’

20th & 21st Centuries
The first substantial organised French Resistance group of Le Maquis in France
Who operated from a natural mountain fortress in the Vercors between the River Rhone and Grenoble
The infamous German destruction of this group in August/September 1944 at Vassieux-en-Vercors
The American & Free French Army Invasion of Southern France in August 1944
The film star Douglas Fairbanks Jnr led the first US Forces ashore at Ponte’Le Esquillon, Miramar near Cannes
A history of Provence – The Riviera – Alpes Maritimes – La Cote d’Azur Monaco Birth of Monte Carlo

The Second Coming of The Russians
The 21st century modern Russian Oligarchs. Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska and others

All sprinkled with Entertaining, Exciting and often Amusing anecdotes relating to history, legendary personalities
And interviews with international celebrities.

© Copyright John Halsey.