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Shaken not Stirred

Shaken not Stirred - Phoenix Productions

Written as a novel. Based loosely upon fact. With a screenplay in mind.The story revolves around the fortunes and misfortunes of an international property developer, Charles Nash, the companion and business associate of Montague Friedman . A lithuanian jew who had built up an international property enterprise from nothing having arrived in London as a penniless refugee child during the 1930′s in the wake of the virtual collapse of the stock markets.

The story opens at the Carlton Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival and portrays life behind the gates on the French Riviera, in England, California and in the West Indies.

Murder, property, drug dealing, money laundering, appropriately sprinkled with sophisticated lifestyles and highly charged sex. Set amongst many of the greatest playgrounds in the world of super rich entrepreneurs of the 21st Century.

All contribute to a fast paced, ‘ cannot be put down story ‘