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Portrayal of Cafe Society

Cafe Society once described a rarefied social group, comprised of international gilded socialites whose background was largely from those who were members of High Society who where in the main was all generally known to one another either personally or by reputation. Money alone was not an automatic passport in itself to becoming a member of Cafe Society nor was notoriety. Although of course there were a number of notable exceptions such as the unique American actress and socialite Tallulah Bankhead. Not to mention our own leading lady on the stage between The Wars, the exquisitely talented Gertrude Lawrence whose apartment in Berkeley Square abutted that of Captain Gordon Halsey of whom she was a intimate personal friend. Who represented those on the stage and screen, on the membership committee of The Florida which boasted three Dukes of the Peerage, the Dukes of Westminster, Manchester and Leeds on the social committee of The Florida.

There were comparatively few outsiders who became part of Cafe Society and those that accomplished this,were more often than not unusually attractive and beautiful women. Who had usually become successful on the stage.Together with their male counterparts who had also become equally successful on the stage and latterly in films.Together with an ever increasing number of highly successful and wealthy ‘Princes of Commerce’.

Amongst the most internationally famous English Actresses who had made their into Cafe Society through sheer talent an exceptional good looks were such as Sylvia Hawkes, most famously known as Lady Ashley and Doris Delavigne, who became Lady Castlerosse. Both Sylvia and Doris had reputedly enjoyed a stroll down ‘ The Primrose Path’ with Captain Gordon Halsey, of whom it was generally said, both women always held a warm place in their hearts, along with doubtless a bevy of other ‘society beauties of the day’.