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Intro – Susie Walwyn

Head of Development @ Phoenix Productions & Consultant for Classic Fashion, Jewellery & Lifestyle

‘ Susie is an inimitable classic persona in the style of Grace Kelly’
Gianni Agnelli @ Centenary of America Cup, Cowes, I.O.W.

Susie Walwyn is descended from the Walwyns of White Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales who is medieval times were advisers to the Crown in England. Famously to King Edward II otherwise known as Edward of Caenarfon. Edward II was King of England from 1307 until he was deposed by his wife Queen Isabella in 1327 through being murdered at Berkeley Castle by her supporters in favour of her son later Edward III. Edward II was the first English King to found colleges at both Oxford and Cambridge, namely Oriel College at Oxford and KIng’s Hall. latterly Trinity Hall at Cambridge. Walwyn was a man of immense integrity, hence he was chosen by Queen Isabella to travel as her emissary to the Pope’s Palace at Avignon in France to advise the Pope of the death of Edward II in the knowledge that his account of the death of Edward II would be believed by His Holiness. Infact Walwyn never journeyed to Avignon, as the Schism of the Catholic Church was healed. So once again a single Pope sat in Rome. Traditionally, the Walwyns continued to give service to the English Crown until the English Civil War when the Walwyns supported Parliament. William Walwyn was one of the four leading Levellers and thereby became seriously at odds with Oliver Cromwell, lucky to escape the anger of Cromwell alive. As it was, the gulf between Oliver Cromwell and the Levellers was such that Walwyn emigrated to the Island of Monserrat in the Caribbean during the Cromwellian Period.

Latter moving to nearby St. Kitts, then being settled by both English and French settlers who divided the Island between themselves, with both bands of settlers living in harmony initially. The Walwyns became major land owners on St. Kitts and prospered over the centuries. Colonel Charles Walwyn and his son Philip Walwyn were the last of the Walwyns on St. Kitts together with Colonel Walwyn’s brother Christoper Walwyn to own and operate substantial sugar plantations up until these plantations were nationalised in 1974 following the Islands of St. Kitts & Nevis gaining independence. Susie is the daughter of Colonel Charles & Enid Walwyn and the elder sister of Philip Walwyn a well known international yachtsman, yacht builder, property developer and gallery owner at the Walwyn family home, Mount Pleasent which stands amidst their erstwhile Walwyn sugar estate, The Rawlins Plantation that dates back to the 18th century. Although the Walwyn family have been residing on St. Kitts since the mid-17th century, as their descendants still do this day. Susie’s younger sister Jilly is married to a Frenchman and lives on the French Island of Martinique which was first settled by Pierre Belain Estnambuc from St. Kitts in September 1635.

Susie was born in Kenya and brought back to St. Kitts as a babe in arms. Later travelling to England as an infant, where she grew up on Chichester Harbour at The Red House on Birdham Pool. Originally built as a beautiful Georgian mill owner’s house, at a period when their were tidal mills in operation here.

Educated in England and latterly in Switzerland at Vevey, then later working in Mayfair prior to marrying and having children. Following which she travelled extensively internationally developing a life long interest in Classical Fashion & Lifestyle which she has followed for many years whilst travelling extensively internationally. Susie has regularily travelled unusually stylishly down through France to the Cote d’ Azur, most particularly to Cap d’ Antibes, St. Jean Cap Ferrat, to St. Paul de Vence in the Alpes Maritimes and to Monaco. Susie has a great love, knowledge and understanding of timeless Classic Fashion & Lifestyle with particular interest in English, French and Italian genres. Her favourite hotels are The Ritz in Paris, Hotel du Cap/Eden Roc @ Cap d’Antibes, Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, La Colombe d’ Or @ St. Paul de Vence, Villa d’ Este @ Como, Splendido @ Portofino, Cipriani in Venice, Palace @ St. Moritz. Her favourite clothes are by Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren with Jewellery by Cartier. Favourite perfume Channel No.5.

Susie is equally at ease behind the wheel of a Bentley Flying Spur, Ferrari or Lamborghini when not enjoying her own stylish Mini Cooper or Classic Jaguar. Similarly whether at the helm of a Classic Sailing Yacht, a Dragon Class racing yacht or driving a classic Riva, modern Monte Carlo Offshorer or aboard an English Classic Fairey Swordsman, Susie is always in her element.

‘An inimitable classic persona in the style of Grace Kelly’ Gianni Agnelli @ Centenary of America Cup, Cowes, I.O.W.
Signor Gianni Agnelli subsequently personally arranged for Ferrari @ Modena, Italy to loan John Halsey and Susie Walwyn a Ferrari on two separate occasions in order to progress the sequel to Honeymoon France to be called Honeymoon Italy for a book and television series following the same format.