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Honeymoon France

© Honeymoon France

‘ The Book ‘
Researched, photographed, written and compiled by John Hayden Halsey Created for publishing, as a lavishly illustrated, highly authoritative historical documentary and cultural life style reference book.

A lavishly illustrated historical cultural and lifestyle book ‘ sans pareil’.

Specially written to support a proposed major historical documentary, cultural and lifestyle Television Series.
Exceptionally lavish and detailed printed treatments have been created for both these properties.

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Please note that the Adaptation of Honeymoon France for television is entitled:

© 2600 Years of History from Honfleur – Mediterranean – Monaco

Researched, photographed, written and compiled by John Hayden Halsey

Honeymoon France - Phoenix Productions

A lavishly illustrated historical, cultural and lifestyle book ‘sans pareil.’ Researched, developed, written, photographed and compiled regardless of expense that runs to some 400 pages of in depth material. Portraying a journey from the Channel coast at Honfleur to Monaco on the Mediterranean. Covering a vast number of important historical events that we have most carefully chosen to illuminate in a fast paced and entertaining manner. A multitude of spellbinding and exciting moments in history. Many of which have contributed to shaping the world we line in today. Allied to spellbinding locations and venues en route that include where to stay, what to eat and the most appropriate regional wines to drink along the way. Portraying the various routes covered in the only Jaguar Sports/Saloon built for a private client since the 1930′s specifically for motoring down to La Cote d’Azur.

Honeymoon France - Phoenix Productions

The Honeymoon Book France has been written following exhaustive research coupled with extensive travel throughout the routes portrayed over a number of years. The book is unique in that it incorporates such unusually comprehensive detail, that anyone seeking to acquaint themselves with such information as contained within this book, could not do so within any book either previously published or in current publication. The book has been written specifically to form the basis of a television series and to complement such a series. The car has been entirely rebuilt specifically for progressing both the book and for the purposes of providing a unique link to locations for a ‘ 2 camera Shot on the Fly ‘ Historical Factual television series presented by John Halsey.