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International Film & Television Co-Producers

We are actively, currently seeking major co-production partners towards bringing the properties:-

The book Honeymoon France & the Television Adaptation,  ‘2600 Years of History – The Channel to the Mediterranean –  Honfleur to Monaco’.

In particular we would welcome participation from major media companies based in Western Europe.

Honeymoon France for Television & Publishing
We are actively, currently seeking major commercial sponsorship partnerships with leading International Conglomerates, Companies and Venture Capitalists. Who would welcome being associated with the considerable commercial, advertising, promotional and public relation platforms that ‘The Honeymoon France Properties ‘2600 Years of History – The Channel to the Mediterranean –  Honfleur to Monaco‘ offers. As proposed for a Television series designed for  6 x 1 hour episodes to provide a unique commercial base for a multitude of commercial endeavours whose activities relate to their clientele, portraying many of the finest aspects of France and The Principality of Monaco. Examples of the benefits that could be commercially gained from such sponsorship hardly require to be portrayed here, as they are so obvious. A great new opportunity for major companies and investors based in the Middle East and Asia who have commercial interests in the United Kingdom and the Euro Zone in Continental Europe.

We are inviting major international, national and specialized commercial enterprises to support ‘The Honeymoon France Properties ‘2600 Years of History – The Channel to the Mediterranean – Honfleur to Monaco’ for Television. Which we believe would clearly provide an hitherto unparalleled commercial platform for the portrayal of much that is representative of the finest that France has to offer, that is a superb showcase for the best of France and The Principality of Monaco.

International Marketing would be required. Commencing through the envisaged Television property having been fully filmed across France from Honfleur to Monaco. Edited and produced as a ‘Ready to Broadcast‘  6 x 1 hour episodes. Filmed as an Historical Factual, Cultural, Lifestyle, Television Series ‘sans paraliel’ . To be initially launched, showcased and marketed through a major publicity and promotional campaign employed initially at Mipcom @ Cannes, Cote d’Azur, France. Followed by further international marketing and showcasing at other Mipcom venues in Europe, North America and internationally across the world, as may be appropriate.

We shall be widely seeking partnerships with International Distribution Media Companies for:- ‘The Honeymoon France Properties ‘2600 Years of History.  The Channel to the Mediterranean. Honfleur to Monaco’ for Television’.©

We are actively, currently seeking a major International Publishing House for the publication of The Book ‘Honeymoon France’ ©
To complement the envisaged afore mentioned Television Series.